Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs


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Chris Krupa
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Chris Krupa if you don't buy this album after the first 12 seconds, when the vocals kick in, or again after the first 30 seconds, when that first riff hits, or again at the 1:25 mark, when that fucking groove just destroys, then you might need to get your hearing checked.
Wallow Within
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Wallow Within Mondern classic album and probably one of the most promising newer bands in Black Metal. Thy Darkened Shade have set a level for Greek Black Metal and with it cleared the way for other great artists who are following in their footsteps. EMNR is an absolute must have and one of the few occasions where you can actually hear that it has been thoroughly influecend by greek culture which makes it stand out from all other BM releases you have heard before. Favorite track: Deceased Ambience.
Christopher Ropes
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Christopher Ropes Along with Nightbringer, possibly my favorite band in the world, this is what absolutely perfect truly occult black metal is all about. Listening to it is a ritual, a working of dark magic, and their new album promises to be even better. Let this magnificent album possess you!
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Thy Darkened Shade's Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs signifies the eternal quest for the freedom of pneuma ((Eternal Will)) and the death of life ((Rites of Death)) along with the end of the limited cosmic re-birth and the final restoration of what once was and what will become.
The energies that this ancient grimoire summons therein begin from Gamaliel, after the permission of our Goddess Naamah has been granted, in order to open the gates of the unconscious. It is from Gamaliel that our Spider Goddess grants us the wisdom to manipulate our dreams and the dreams of our opfers by giving back to Her the life-force of the enemies of ageless light.

Hence,the path starts from the astral plane and with the guidance of Abnukta ((Deceased Ambience)) our darkest desires begin to unveil themselves. From the Black Moon She weaves her spider web to the other Qliphotic shells, while She endeavors eternal union with Samael by the awakening of the Kundalini force ((Tanin'iver)) in order to unite the Black with the Red Dragon ((Taninsam)). They ((Samael-Lilith)) construct in that way The Great Serpent Self ((Qayin)) and the 11 headed manifests.

Moreover, it is through Daath that the personal Wyrd of the magician ((Reconstruction of Soul and Matter)) uncovers itself and the gate to Sitra Ahra opens ((To Suffer the Perpetual Curses)). For this is the gate that has been empowered by the curses ((Narrow Fields of Life)) and the Sinister Might of our evil deeds will eventually summon warfare that will lead the cosmic nothingness ((Inferior Deathplan)) to the Primordial Waters of Tehom, thus the pleroma arrives and the dreams become soundless again ((The Clandestine Insight of Immorality)).


released May 17, 2012



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