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Black Metal Junkie
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Black Metal Junkie Nice split, I like it.. Two BM bands pushing the boundaries of the genre. Very well versed in their crafts. Highly recommend release.
Atanamar Sunyata
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Atanamar Sunyata Aosoth: can do no wrong at the moment. Perpetuates their peculiar, glorious sonic oeuvre. Miasmic overtures swarm around a perfect percussive performance. Riffs most ominous are mysteriously soothing.

Order of Orias: a perfect compliment to Asosoth’s raison d’être. Sprawling blackness, atmosphere both suffocating and redolent of the deathspell. An assault at all speeds. Compositional movements that engage the senses and warp consciousness. Exalt.
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W.T.C. PRODUCTIONS is proud to present a special split 12" mini-album between AOSOTH and ORDER OF ORIAS. Gathering together two deadly (and perfectly paired) black metal hordes, this split MLP contains exclusive material from both bands, with an epic-length track from each on both sides of the vinyl. France's AOSOTH deliver a pulsing, spiraling monolith of disease 'n' unease in "Appendix B," keeping the listener forever on edge despite the characteristically blazing tempos at which the band moves, the tension so thick, no knife can cut. ORDER OF ORIAS' "Ruinous Hope" is the Australian band's first new recording since 2011's acclaimed Inverse, and the 14-minute monster devours with an insatiable appetite, moving from red-eyed blitz to doomed-out crawl, very vividly approximating its title. Together, this exclusive split expands both AOSOTH and ORDER OF ORIAS' respective canons and also serves as a stand-alone work, towering and terror-inducing.


released October 15, 2015



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