The Dead Of The World


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At long last, German black metal tyrants ASCENSION unveil their highly anticipated second album, The Dead of the World. Previewed by the Deathless Light EP, ASCENSION's The Dead of the World is a grandiose work of bold creativity and boundless imagination, of brilliant illumination and obsidian depth, all under the banner of orthodox black metal. The band's debut album, 2010's Consolamentum, became a classic in the underground not long after its release; it evinced a wealth of maturity in composition and execution for such a new band. Here, the quintet eclipse that accomplishment with a seven-song salvo that's the epitome of Album Experience. Every part is where it needs to be; every song flows from the other; there is a whole, and it is a black HOLE. From its innermost depths, ASCENSION drive onward and outward, their control of dynamics startling for mere "black metal," their passion, fervor, and professionalism far beyond those who supposedly uphold that genre. Joining ASCENSION in their peerless endeavor here are The Magus (Necromantia, Thou Art Lord, Principality of Hell) and Mors Dalos Ra (Necros Christos), who both respectively provide guest vocals on The Dead of the World. Black metal may be dead for all intents and purposes, but not for ASCENSION, for they show you The Dead of the World.


released December 24, 2014

Engineered By Michael Zech And Thomas Taube
Recorded And Mixed By Michael Zech At The Source Munich
Between April And July Of Year 14.
Vocals Recorded By V.Santura At The Source Munich In June Of Year 14.
Mastered By V.Santura And Michael Zech At Woodshed Studio

All Music And Lyrics Through Ascension
Except Track 4, Lyric Through Frater Florian Of Obscure Anachronism
Guest Vocals On Track 4 By The Magus (Necromantia, Thou Art Lord, Principality of Hell)
Guest Vocals On Track 7 By Mors Dalos Ra (Necros Christos)

All Artwork By David Glomba, Layout By Trident Arts



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Silence of Abel
The Silence Of Abel

I shall bring fire
as above, so below

red dust rises from the fields
with the winds comes the storm
shadows of flowers
mark the path
shadows of flowers
in twilight reborn

the crown of life
is stained with blood
gaze falling to the east
crushed by will
shattered to pieces
all that remains
is the silence of abel

where is the sheperd?
weaving the chain
where is the sheep?
wailing in vain
United in absence
united in death
there is a hole in the heart of the world
a heart has been made whole
Abraxas emanates in the red

the silence of abel
echoes through our veins
in the aeons that are forever gone
and in the days that are to come
the silence of abel
echoes in our dreams
in tortuous hallways of black glass
thy will be done

a man to fall
a king to rise
the splendour and the pain of the restless
our hearts shall find no peace in life
eternally dwelling in Nod
is the seed of those
who turned their face from god

at every dusk
with every heartbeat
when sanity fades with those winds
when we dwell in the shadows of those flowers
when love is but a word
when hearts beat lifeless
when silence reigns
we remember thy mark
inside and outside
towards the end
to the sole reign of death

by boundless will, with trident scars
we forge the misfortune of the world
From the inner, to the ending, to the sole reign of death

until we gather under your scarlet banner
from atop the highest dome
we shall call your name
to enter the abyss that is our home
Track Name: Death's Golden Temple
Death´s Golden Temple

Death by death
stone by stone
drop on drop
bone on bone

The epitome of suffering and punishment
there is no heaven beyond this hell
but the burning furnace of immaculate nothingness
foreboded by the sound of 13 bells

COME, from flaming skies
COME, with wings unfold
COME, from roaring depths
COME, let the word of truth be told
now COME!
now COME!

step by step
a path on the dead
beneath the soil
lies the rotten core of reason
fumes twist the mind
voices torment the soul
the filth shall turn to gold

For in this temple sinfully
it is not love that I can see
it is the pain
it is the grief
the devil´s kiss eternally
trumpets roar, the angels sing
with scarlet blades and liquid fire
transformation, burning cinder
at the feet of the devil´s pyre


in this blessed waking hour
his light will burn the heart of men
piercing gaze of sulphur fire
deceived and poisoned, twisted tongues
into the void
into the void
into the void
into the void
gracefallen sons and daughters
wounds fertile with locusts and maggots
giving birth to flesh, devoured by kin
Unbound are the seas
and hungry the deserts
overflown with blood they shall sleep in the hour
when the stars will flee the light of the lord

temple of purest gold
tower of madness
encircled by flies
forever laying in perfection
for no beauty can die when death is the only beauty
on sacred paths
over the fields of war and disease
four riders lead the way

with broken bones
and burning flesh
onwards to the gallows
there is no place to hide
a burning sea awaits thee
towards death´s golden temple
in everlasting fear you stride

as torches you shall light the hallway
where the one will enter his domain
COME, from flaming skies
COME, with wings unfold
COME, from roaring depths
COME, let the word be told
now COME

For in this temple sinfully
it is not hope that you will see
for it is death
it is defeat
the devil´s kiss eternally
Track Name: Black Ember
Black Ember

Deeper and deeper
as the moon rose
as the wind blows
as the blood flows

On fire and abscent
in feverish sleep
inside of you lurks the fire
i long to be burned by

by thy sulphur breath
Embers Aflame
by thy cursed name
in the dead of night
Embers Aflame
The fires
The fires
that drive me insane

from the mountains and valleys
in the sound of the waves
i hear the voices sing
from the blessed earth of a new tomb
from the laughing scaffolds
i hear the song of a king

Darker and darker
as the heart chose
as the wind blows
as the sun froze

Envenomed and longing
in feverish sleep
restless wanderer on the threshold
forever striding towards you
into you into you
And inside of you lurks the water
i long to drown in

the rain may wash away the blood and the stench
but my heart can never be cleansed
there is a splinter in it´s core
deeper and colder than a blade can be

by thy sulphur breath
Embers Aflame
by thy cursed name
in the dead of night
Embers Aflame
The fires
The fires
that drive me insane

It is the pain and the fever and the freedom
Thy sparks blind my eyes
yet i see clearer then ever before
desires run red
In this blessed darkness
Take me to the valley
where life is but a shadow
Unbound from anyone to deceive
My grave is my castle
and i never want to leave

As darkness lays it´s grip
around the heart of the world
and fears enter the dreams of the infants
with dragonfire in my heart
i start my path
into the night
Track Name: Unlocking Tiamat
Unlocking Tiamat

Oh, thou, that hath lingered beyond the ages
and the diverting theatres of time!
Oh thou, that hath imbrued in divinity,
richness and flawlessness!

Oh thou, great mother, bestowing and shining spark,
whose emitting current is penetrating
throughout our very souls ever since
our spirits have been directed
into the labile structures of Maya!

Set free your radiating currents of madness,
your limitless and seething breath,
like riven tongues leaping
from the seven headed hydra and
disruptive like the lightning of Lahamu!

Oh Tiamat, great Dragon Serpent,
shattering and persisting spirit,
fire of creation and destruction,
roaming amongst the ashes of the stars
and the remnants of the multiverse!

Appear within us!
Rise from beyond the opaque fog!
Upraise your flames amidst us!
Oh great Dragon of reversion!
Spirit of abrogation and transcendence!

We, wanderers on primeval paths, taken by your essence!
MUŠUŠŠU - Ferocious Serpent! ARISE!
We are the Dragons blood, bearing the key to the nightside!
UGALLU - Beastly Transgressor! ARISE!

We are bearers of the acausal flame,
that radiates from the heart of the void!
We evoke your fiery currents, come forth through
the veil of shadows and fulfill us
with your dark and eternal essence!
We offer you our flesh as a temple!